Water-based and paraben free, this is an ideal makeup primer. Prime Me is suitable for all skin types and it will diminish all imperfections on the skin, make your facial makeup last longer and provide sun protection. The product can also be worn alone on bare skin as it provides a fresh and natural look throughout the day. Prime Me contains “diamond dust” that engages with light rays to make the imperfections on the skin less visible and your complexion radiant and uniform. Its water-based formulation intensely moisturises the skin, making it smooth, gentle and ideally primed for applying a liquid foundation. Prime Me will balance out your skin tone and instantly soothe any redness on your face.

Application tips:

Apply the primer on cleansed and moisturised skin every time you want a radiant complexion, or as the first step in your makeup routine. For a more natural look of your skin, you can mix it with a liquid foundation.



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