High coverage liquid concealer – perfectly covers and camouflages all skin imperfections. It is designed to hide dark circles and other imperfections around the eyes. It is perfect for liquid foundation upgrade (apply the concealer in a thin layer to parts of the face where you

wish to achieve better coverage).

Extremely creamy and elastic texture – due to its lightweight texture Touch Up pro does not clog pores and does not create a dry and heavy feel. Quite the contrary, due to its composition, it increases a moisturized skin feel. Only a small amount of the product is needed to achieve a perfect result.

Long-lasting matte finish.

It perfectly blends with the skin and contains emollients which additionally make the skin look silky smooth immediately upon the application.

A specially designed applicator shape and liquid formula make the application of the concealer even simpler and faster.

Touch up PRO may serve as a product for contouring – shades 088 Mocha and 099 Cacao are designed for emphasizing face contours.

The collection contains 9 colours.

Liquid concealer TOUCH UP PRO Vanilla 022


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