New AURA LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER FOR FACE & BODY is a liquid gel that adheres to the skin like plush, gives an even light coverage that is easy to control and does not leave a sticky mark, and combines perfectly with all other types of makeup

The liquid highlighter is intended for face and the body, and since it comes in luxury glass packaging with a pipette, it is easily dosed and adjusted to all your wishes.

Just like you, AURA LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER FOR FACE & BODY is a top multitasker that can be used in many ways, always with perfect results:

– independently, on cleansed and freshly hydrated skin for the most natural effect

– mixed with your favorite face and / or body cream for a glass skin look

– as a base that will give your favorite liquid powder a subtle shine and freshness to your whole face

– mixed with liquid powder for more intensive coverage that still looks extremely natural

– as a classic highlighter and the final step of makeup with or without contouring, on parts of the face and body that you want to emphasize.

Face & Body Liquid Highlighter / Highlighter σε υγρή μορφή προσώπου και σώματος


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